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Stainless steel body Compact body that is applied completely injection Easy cleaning possibility through rounded corners inside of cabinet Inside of doors and cabinet inside walls are made of anti-corrosion aluminum to provide better isolation and soundness. Self closeable doors. Stainless steel shelves of which surface is plasticized, easy cleanable. Hermetic condenser unit with fan air cooled R-134A Eco-friendly coolant gas. Polyurethane isolation, density: 40 kg/m³ Working Interval:-2°/+8°C, Environment Temperature 32°C. Number of shelve, one shelf for per door Electric connection 230V1+N-50/60 Hz At the case of special order, it can be manufactured as glass door or without top table. The feet of which height can be adjustable. Water drainage inside of cabinet.

Code Model Door Num. Capacity Compressor Electical Power Size
TTB.001 Refrigerator 2 250 1/5 350 W 1500x600x850
TTD.001 Freezer 2 255 3/8 880 W 1492x600x850
TTB.002 Refrigerator 3 390 1/4 396 W 2025x600x850
TTD.002 Freezer 3 390 1/2 880 W 2017x600x850

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