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Stainless steel.
Stainless steel construction with a long-lasting, easy to clean and hygenic.
Ergonomic design that provides comfort in every way the user has.
Oil container moving çekmekce shaped.
Plate designed for surface resistances equal to cook.
The oil spill is inclined plate with a plate of oil will be evacuated by evacuation drawer.
Thermostat controlled.
Two separate independent thermostat control

Code Model Power Energy Size Weight
  Electricity Grills - Flat 3.6 kw 400 V 400 x 700 x 300 mm 47 kg
  Electricity Grills - Flat 4.8 kw 400 V 600 x 700 x 300 mm 62 kg
  Electricity Grills - Flat 7.2 kw 400 V 800 x 700 x 300 mm 80 kg
  Electricity Grills - Corrugated 3.6 kw 400 V 400 x 700 x 300 mm 47 kg

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